Openstack and Fluffy White Virtual Server hosting

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth between hosting on a virtual server to full metal and back again.
While I’m personally still locked into bare metal (mostly because I’m too lazy to change IP space again), I’ve been working with with Luna Node in Toronto for some of our client server hosting requirements. The Openstack layer is really nice to work with, and the ability to dynamically scale your secondary storage is pretty neat. The pricing models are also quite interesting. It seems all the VPS guys are charging by the hour now instead of by month.

I think it may be time to put some good learning effort into the Openstack API, Swift storage and cross-compatibility with Amazon S3/Glacier.

PS: If you are interested in signing up with Luna Node, feel free to use my referral link ( It will help me out with a few extra hours of run time on the server!

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Morning Inertia

Slowly drifting into consciousness, awakening into the safety and warmth of your blanket cocoon.
The shrill screeching of the cellphones alarm hurling digital profanities through the air at you.
The thought of work, meetings, the long week still ahead; all contributing to the paralysis stopping you from breaking free of your cocoon.
Slowly you start working up the courage to move with empty promises of “if you get up now, there is still time for breakfast…”

All you need is to overcome the inertia, to get moving, generate a little momentum.
If you can reach the shower, you’ll be ok till you get to the kettle.
If you can reach the kettle, there is coffee. Coffee is good. Coffee will help.
With coffee you should be able to keep the momentum, to make it to work, start the day.

But not today. Today is not going to happen.
The thought of a shower and coffee is not enough to overcome the inertia.
Rolling over and hitting the snooze button again, pulling the blanket over your head once more. “I just need 5 more minutes…”
Eyes close and thoughts blur into nothingness as the warm cocoon surrounds you and lulls you into a false sense of safety.

Digital profanities screech once again: you’re late for work, adrenaline!
Nothing like waking up with a shock to over come the inertia, to get moving quickly.
Blankets fly through the air, a rushed cold shower, no time for coffee, no time for breakfast.
Traffic. Cursing. Rushing. Running. Meetings. It’s Monday! The cycle begins again.

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