Sundance Solace Society

I have been hunting for a good place to volunteer at for some time now.
Thanks to Jill for getting me in touch with Cristina, I’ve taken to volunteering in my spare time at the Sundance Solace Society. It’s really nice to be able to give back, and especially for a cause that means something to me on a deep personal level.

It’s not much: Just helping here and there where I can with some yard work, lawn mowing and weed trimming.
Well that’s where it started… but once you get on a roll it’s easy to keep going right?

Somehow I ended up getting a little more involved when I realized they definitely needed a new website.
So I also put together a small website for them. Check it out:
It’s been fun getting the content together. I’ve seen the background video idea being used effectively else where and really wanted to give it a try here.
There are still a few bugs here and there and still working on some more content, but so far I think it’s pretty cool.

Next step is to get some video bios from the team embedded and wrap up on the content. Hopefully real soon now 🙂

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‘less’ with code syntax highlighting!

If you’ve installed a reasonably up-to-date version of vi(m), there is a script called in your $VIMRUNTIME directory, which acts as an replacement of less providing syntax highlighting.

To use this script, you just have to follow these simple steps:

For the lazy like me:

  • sudo ln -s `ls /usr/share/vim/vim*/macros/ | tail -n 1` /usr/bin/vless

For the diligent:

  • Launch vi and type :echo $VIMRUNTIME.
    This shows you the path to the vi files.
    On my Ubuntu box this is /usr/share/vim/vim74.
  • Now create the symlink: sudo ln -s /usr/share/vim/vim74/macros/ /usr/bin/vless.
    If you’ve got another path before, you have to edit this command appropriately.
  • That’s all. Now vless acts fairly similar to less with paging and now with syntax highlighting: vless

Of course, vless can also be used within shell pipes:

  • wget -qO- | vless

Props to this guy!

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