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A New Hope

Posted by on July 1, 2014
I have lived a life…

I have lived a life of joy and sadness
a life of love and heartbreak
a life of sunshine and dark nights

I have lived a life of great pleasure and great pain
a life where the bounds between reality and fantasy often fade completely
a life where the blurred lines between truth and lies can be described in simple ones and zeros flighting across a digital matrix.

I have lived this life…

I have lived a life filled with sad sunrises and lonely adventures,
a life of adventure is only worth living if you have someone to share it with.
for the loneliness is often overwhelming and the sadness of the sunrise too much to bear.

I have lived a life where I have seen and felt the light
but like a vampire at dawn have shied away and cowered in the shadows
for the light is bright and warm, but the familiarity of darkness is all I have known.

I have lived this life…

I have lived a life of unrequited love
a love that burned so bright in my very soul that I would move heaven and earth just to be close regardless of how the other person felt
but that love instead ended in shattering my heart into small pieces more countless than stars in the night sky

I have lived the life of a guardian of the future
a life where nurturing, supporting and protecting someone else’s light becomes an overwhelming purpose
but as sudden as the opportunity was presented, so it was taken away leaving only an emptiness in my soul

I have lived this life…

I have lived a life of unrequited love
a life where I was content in allowing myself to be loved as strongly as I had once loved before…
but a life of contentment without passion, as all things, must come to an end and the unfairly treated must again be set free.

I have lived a life numb to the core with no purpose other than surviving the rat race
a life of daily grind at a mindless job that has no function other than to make someone else more money
a life of endless hours of channel hopping staring blankly at a television set just to pass the hours until unconsciousness once again takes over again

I have lived this life…

I have lived this life through thunderstorms and pain, empty promises and loss
but a life of pain is an easy life when you have strong friends to lean on.
for with love and friendship, anything is possible and even the largest burden becomes light as a feather

I have lived this life long enough to see the light of tomorrow, to feel the warmth of the first morning glow from the sun baking on naked skin
I have felt the first rains falling in freshly ploughed fields and heard the call of birds in the wild.
I have slept under the stars and gazed at the heavens asking questions about the meaning of life and my purpose in it all

I have lived this life…

I have seen a new tomorrow where friendships old and new grow stronger and deeper.
where sunrise brings with it a new hope and sunset only gratitude.
where adventures takes on a new meaning and the stars shine brighter than before.

I have seen a new tomorrow where pure white snow falls gently onto green leaves.
where child like laughter becomes the norm and the spirit of happiness is allowed to grow unhindered
where each new day brings about new opportunity and each night brings comfort and sleep.

I will live this new life…

I have seen a new tomorrow where doors are open and locks aren’t needed
where walls are torn down and fences remove
a new tomorrow where love can once again find root without fear of being trampled.

I have seen a new tomorrow where success is not measured by the wealth in ones wallet but by the wealth in ones heart
where a of day hard labour is rewarded with gratitude and appreciation
where the scent of freshly brewed coffee brings about hours of deep conversation

I welcome a new tomorrow where true love becomes a reality and my soul is finally at peace…

I will live this new life…

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